GIS Helpdesk – Support by GIS specialists

One of the most important objectives within Esri BeLux is providing an efficient and high quality technical support. You can contact the Esri BeLux Support Team in two different ways:


Phone (business hours)(Dutch):    +32 (0)2 461 37 32
Phone (business hours)(French):    +32 (0)2 461 37 33

Please provide us with the following information when contacting us:
•    Name and organization
•    Configuration of your system (operating system, hardware configuration)
•    Software version (e.g. ArcGIS 10.0)
•    License (ArcView, ArcEditor, ArcInfo)
•    License type (Single or Concurrent use)
•    Clear explanation of the issue
•    Steps to reproduce the issue
•    Data on which the issue occurs (if applicable)
•    Screenshots of the errors that arise

Upgrade your software to 10.5.1 now.

You can always have a look at the online help pages, blogs and forums of Esri at

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